The Golden-Haired Elementalist

Spoiler Alert! “I’m sick of it, you hear me? SICK! Every day, it’s study, study, study!” “…” “If you’re embarrassed, then get a better daughter!” You press “End Call” and put your iPhone in your pack. Hmph! Why does Mom always compare you to her neighbor’s daughter? She probably hates you now… *Sigh* It seemsContinue reading “The Golden-Haired Elementalist”

Campfire Cooking in Another World with My Absurd Skill

Spoiler Alert! You don’t believe this. Even though it’s been about a week now, you still don’t believe this! *** You were just an ordinary 27-year old salaryman in Tokyo. You read web novels in what little spare time you have, but you never expected to go to another world yourself! In a ritual meantContinue reading “Campfire Cooking in Another World with My Absurd Skill”

Magic Knight Rayearth

Spoiler Alert! This is so high up! It’s great that the school chose Tokyo Tower for today’s field trip! Your classmates don’t seem all that thrilled…but never mind! AAAHHH! Your time on the binoculars ran out! Let’s see now…where’s your coin purse? Huh? “Please take this with my compliments. I enjoyed watching you having fun.”Continue reading “Magic Knight Rayearth”

Crimson Karma

Spoiler Alert! Disappointing. Not only was the target a lookalike, but the terrorists were more incompetent than you thought. You stride into the commander’s tent and salute to the officer sitting at a desk. “Colonel Kasia Del Roman reporting.” “Welcome back. Is Ahmad dead?” Who is this man? Is he a new transfer? He looksContinue reading “Crimson Karma”

Skeleton Knight in Another World

Spoiler Alert! Unhhh… Did you pass out again? That game was so much fun, as always! Huh? Where are you? You look around and find yourself on a cliff overlooking a forest. Weren’t you in your room just now? You look at your hands. You’re wearing…gauntlets?! Very familiar gauntlets for some reason… You look overContinue reading “Skeleton Knight in Another World”