I Became the Villain’s Mother

Spoiler Alert! *yawn* Looks like you fell asleep while reading your favorite novel again. The story escalated quickly when Prince Lucas and Ainspener started fighting over Elisha! Hmm? Whose bed is this? It’s so big and fancy! Wait! Where ARE you? Huh? You look at your hands and your clothes. They aren’t yours! Seriously, whatContinue reading “I Became the Villain’s Mother”

Reincarnated as a Sword

Spoiler Alert! As a slave, you have no name. The collar around your neck prevents you remembering it and leaves you completely at the command of the slave merchants. If only you had…a sword… “Can anyone hear me!?” …? Who said that? Suddenly, you hear the flicking sound of horse reins as the wagon speedsContinue reading “Reincarnated as a Sword”

This Village Sim NPC Could Only Be Human

Spoiler Alert! “When are you going to shape up and find yourself a job?” *sigh* “We’re making do right now, but what’ll happen when we pass on?” You say, “Alright, already! I get it!” “You keep saying that, but nothing comes out of it!” “Aargh! I’ve lost my appetite now! Excuse me!” You storm outContinue reading “This Village Sim NPC Could Only Be Human”

A Veterinarian in Another World

Spoiler Alert! The other day at the pig farm was…unpleasant. You can’t blame the farm manager for being angry, but if the culling didn’t happen, then the swine fever would have spread to other farms and the wholesale markets. In a daze, you fill out the swine fever report at the office. You feel aContinue reading “A Veterinarian in Another World”