Uproar from Reincarnation on Another World

Spoiler Alert!

“It’s so sweeeet!”, everyone says.

Ah ha! It worked! You’ll have to thank Masaharu for memorizing the method of making sugar from sugar beets!

“Sugar from squeezing and boiling worthless potatoes? You’re amazing, Baldr!”

You proudly place your hands on your hips.

Sugar cane and honey are rare on this continent, so fruit is the usual ingredient for making sweet foods. It’s an excellent opportunity to make a new market with sugar beets!

And this is just the beginning!

You want to make lots of money!

So much you’ll drown in it!

Money! Money! MONEY! MONEY!



Oh, right!

You gather some of the crystallized sugar from the bottom of the pot and place it in a pouch.

“Alright, everyone,” you announce. “Remember to say nothing about this sugar to anyone! If you do, I will never make you my vassals!”

“Leave it to us, Lord Baldr!”

“Good! I’ll leave the harvesting to you guys!”

Minutes later in town, you walk into the offices of the Savaran Company.

“Still making money, Selina?” you ask.

“More or less.”

Selina eyes the pouch in your hand with a sly grin.

You place it on a table and open it.

“Try this.”

She takes a small chunk from the pouch and pops it into her mouth.


“I want to earn profit from this immediately,” you continue. “Before someone else learns how to make it.”

“So ya wanna to leave the marketing ta me?” asks Selina.

“More than that. I want to use your company’s name and let you handle the business while I manage the finances.”

“Whad’ya mean?”

“It’s simple. I decide what to buy or invest in. Meanwhile, you’d have a free hand in actually selling it.”

“What’s ma cut?”

“How does 10% sound?”

“I’m the one financing the entire venture! How about 15%?”

“Without me, yer dream’ll just be a pie in the sky! Besides, who else can ya ask? 30%!”


Ah ha!

“Alright! I’ll give you 30%…if you let me touch your ears.”

Boy, you’ve never seen her so flustered before!

A moment later, she stutters nervously, “A-Alright, j-j-just a l-little…”

This sensation…it’s firm yet yielding. Words can do no justice to this wonderful feeling…!

You finally found the answer…to whether cat ears or dog ears are better!

Uproar from Reincarnation on Another World (異世界転生騒動記, Isekai Tensei Sōdō-ki) is a web novel, light novel series and manga written by Ryosen Takami (高見梁川, Takami Ryosen).

On another world, the souls of the samurai Sadatoshi Oka Sanai and the high school student Masaharu Oka suddenly find themselves sharing a body with Baldr Cornelius, the young heir of the Cornelius County within the Mauricia Kingdom.

At 11, Baldr secretly manages a hidden farm of sugar beets with the goal of creating a new source of sugar, a rare luxury on the continent. With the help of the local Savaran Company, Baldr sells the sugar and earns a small fortune for himself. The new sugar trade also helps to improve the economy within the Cornelius County, which upsets the plans of Marquis Selvi, a noble of the neighboring Haurelia Kingdom who desires to conquer Mauricia. The agents sent by the marquis to investigate are all killed by Baldr’s mercenaries. After hearing about this incident, Baldr’s father sends his son to the Royal Knight School at the Mauricia capital city of Cameron.

Using the honed skills of a samurai, Baldr defeats a veteran knight

At 12, Baldr becomes the Royal Knight School’s youngest cadet and soon befriends two other cadets: William Mauricia, third prince of the Mauricia Kingdom, and Silk Randolph, heiress of the powerful Randolph family. With these connections, Baldr soon earns the attention of the king of the Mauricia Kingdom, Welkin V. One day, Princess Rachel, one of William’s older sisters, falls ill with cholera after returning from a tour of the neighboring Sanjuan Kingdom. Baldr uses oral rehydration therapy to enable Rachel’s recovery and recommends a quarantine to prevent a widespread cholera epidemic. As a result, many deaths are prevented in Mauricia while thousands die of cholera in Sanjuan. Impressed, King Welkin gives Baldr the rank of Baron and sends him to Sanjuan as a goodwill ambassador.

Installing hand pumps in the Sanjuan Kingdom to help fight a cholera epidemic

Accompanied by his childhood friend Teresa Bradford, Baldr learns that the Sanjuan Kingdom is in the midst of a succession crisis. With the kingdom’s crown prince recently dead from cholera, the surviving Princes Franco and Pedro are being used unwillingly as figureheads by factions within the Sanjuan government. Although both princes initially have no wish to become the next king, Franco changes his mind when he falls in love with Teresa. To give Franco the influence needed to become crown prince, Baldr wins the allegiance of Sanjuan’s navy by helping it fight against the pirates that have plagued the southern seas for years. He also enlists the help of Countess Urraca “Black Storm” de Parma, a legendary marine commander from the Majorca Kingdom.

After the pirates are defeated, Franco officially becomes Sanjuan’s new crown prince and the kingdom becomes a fast ally of Mauricia. Pleased with this success, King Welkin promotes Baldr to Viscount and gives him lordship over Mauricia’s Antrim Region, where the last war with Haurelia began 12 years ago.

How far will Baldr Cornelius’ meteoric rise go?

Baldr (center) with the souls of Masaharu (left) and Sadatoshi (right) within him

Main Characters

Baldr Cornelius, the eldest son and heir of the Cornelius family. An odd spiritual amalgam of three men, he is brave, eccentric, guileful, knowledgeable and shrewd. A wily opportunist, Baldr uses his combined experience and knowledge to rise swiftly to the top echelons of society.

Sadatoshi Oka Sanai (岡 左内 定俊, Oka Sanai Sadatoshi), one of Baldr’s souls and a samurai who once served the Uesugi Clan during the Warring States Period (戦国時代, Sengoku Jidai) in Japan. A veteran of countless battles, Sadatoshi’s only known achievements in history were a brief fight with the legendary Masamune Date (伊達 政宗, Date Masamune) and the large amount of wealth he accumulated before dying of old age. Much of Baldr’s considerable skill in battle comes from the old samurai, who retains his decades of experience in the ways of war and profit. A quirk Baldr inherited from Sadatoshi is his desire to bathe naked in large piles of gold coins!

Masaharu Oka (岡 雅晴, Oka Masaharu), one of Baldr’s souls and a Japanese high school student. An otaku, he deliberately memorized much of modern-day Earth’s practical knowledge and technology in the somewhat deluded anticipation of someday reincarnating on a fantasy world. His wish came true on the day of his university entrance exam when he jaywalked in front of an oncoming truck! Through Baldr, Masaharu introduced gold electroplating, handmade shampoo, mayonnaise, hand water pumps, compasses and other items to Mauricia, earning Baldr several fortunes on the patents. A quirk Baldr inherited from Masaharu is his obsession with the cute animal ears of beautiful beast girls!

Count Ignis Cornelius and Countess Magotte Cornelius, the rulers of the Cornelius County and Baldr’s parents. A lady-killer in his youth, Ignis is now the even-tempered, responsible ruler of his domain. By contrast, Magotte is a belligerent, fiery and powerful ex-mercenary once known as “Silver Light Magotte” and is feared by family, friends and foes alike, including her own son!

Baldr NEVER looks forward to training with his battle-hungry mother

Seyruun, the young personal maid of Baldr and the daughter of Sero, a knight of the Cornelius County. Loyal and caring, she has looked after Baldr since childhood.

Selina Savaran, the beastwoman owner of the Savaran Company. Ambitious, bold and diligent, her partnership with Baldr has allowed her to extend the Savaran’s Company’s reach to much of Mauricia and beyond.

Personal Thoughts

“How will this benefit me?”

A decidedly ugly question, yet one we ask or are asked in one form or another, whether we realize it or not.

Baldr uses his many talents to build his fortunes and make himself useful to those around him. In return, most of his allies and his friends are willing to work for or cooperate with him for their own benefit. Baldr is someone who understands the basic selfishness of people and has the resources and skills to use that to his advantage. While he is an experienced fighter, Baldr is equally capable of using his negotiation skills, resources and trickery to fight enemies who seek to ruin him and his friends financially or politically. This often involves making allies of those who would also benefit from the downfall of said enemies.

Deals happen all the time, not just in stories

We basically live in a world where most of us make mutual concessions in exchange for benefits. This is called “give-and-take”. We use our skills so that we get paid. People at job interviews have to advertise the benefits they can bring to a potential workplace such as experience and perseverance. Family members learn to cooperate with, or at least tolerate, each other so they can live in harmony. Businesses work with each other to earn more money than they individually could. A government could receive aid and better health services in exchange for more exclusive economic deals with another country. The list goes on and on!

In general, we are more likely to help those who help us.


We live in a world of give-and-take. Nothing in life is free.

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