Beware the Villainess!

Spoiler Alert!

Disgusting. Absolutely disgusting.

The man fooling around over there is your fiancé, Prince Ian Basilios.

In the novel The Man I Love, he supposedly hated you, the villainess Melissa Podebrat, despite being officially engaged to you. Before falling in love with the main heroine Yuri Elizabeth, Ian flirted with countless ladies and indulged himself in debauchery.

The lady giggles.

“Heehee! Are you teasing me? You’re such a beast, Ian!”

“If it’s you, who could resist becoming a beast?”

Are his eyes rotten or something?! You’re standing in front of them!

And those cheesy lines! Did he get them from reading trashy romance novels?!

The young woman finally looks up at you.

OF ALL THE…would a maid dress THIS well?!

“Just ignore her,” says Ian. “First, let’s take this off…”

You shiver. Is he a devil or something?

Ian is the one who sent you a summons to come to the palace and he’s the one making out with another woman when you arrived. From what you recall from Melissa’s original memories, he’s already done this several times already!

He’s nothing but…a dog. A dog who doesn’t deserve mercy.

“Is your highness…trash?”, you ask aloud.

The prince finally deigns to look at you!

Shock is written all over his face. Apparently, Melissa always had catfights with the ladies whenever she catches them with Ian, who just stood back and did nothing.

Well, you’re not that Melissa anymore!

“Have you…gone crazy?”, says Ian hesitantly.

“ME?! CRAZY?!”, you scream. “YOU’RE THE ONE WHO INVITED ME HERE TO WATCH A CHEATING REALITY SHOW!! Considering that I didn’t smash an ashtray onto your head the moment I saw this, I’d say I’m very sane.”

Honestly! Why did Melissa fall for this guy?

A moment later, Ian replies, “I know that you’ve always behaved badly, but I never thought you’d say such cruel words to me!”

“You seemed so good at kissing just now, so why don’t you make out with the floor? That would be a hit!”

Ian stumbles a bit.

He clenches his fists at his sides.

A moment later, he raises his head…

This…JERK. He has the nerve to cheat on his fiancée and he caves in after one rebuke?

“Fine!”, you say firmly. “Since you obviously despise me, what’s the point in marrying me? Let’s break up!”

“Y-You…YOU CAN’T!”

Huh? What is he thinking?!

Beware the Villainess! (그 악녀를 조심하세요!, Geu Agnyeoleul Josimhaseyo!) is a web novel, light novel series and web comic written by Mulberry Flavor Screw Bar (뽕따맛 스크류바, Ppongttamas Seukeulyuba).

In the clichéd story of The Man I Love, the main heroine is Yuri Elizabeth, a commoner born with tremendous magical talent. After being adopted by Baron Elizabeth, she is pursued by four handsome men: Ian Basilios (Crown Prince of the Basilios Empire), Jake Podebrat (sniper to the Basilios royal family), Jack Forton (champion of the Forton werewolf clan) and Peacock Melody (owner of the Peacock Company). The villainess of this particular story is Duchess Melissa Podebrat, Ian’s fiancée and Jake’s older sister.

Under their charming faces, the four suitors are shallow narcissists

The Man I Love is the favorite novel of a certain Korean college student. After she dies in a car accident and awakens as Melissa in the novel’s setting, she gradually learns, to her utter disappointment, that Yuri’s four potential suitors are all narcissists in their own ways. When Melissa tries to annul her engagement to the womanizing Ian, the Prince instead plans to officially announce their wedding at a royal ball.

Disgusted, Melissa takes in a dirty, tongueless but handsome stranger, Nine, from the streets and has him act as her partner for the ball. Afterwards, the Podebrat mansion is threatened when the antisocial Jake and the brash Jack fight until Melissa angrily talks them down. After quickly learning swordsmanship for a month and acquiring a magic sword, Melissa is able to humble Jack in a duel. The reason why Jack came to the mansion was because he was after Nine, now revealed to be a werewolf banished from the Forton clan.

Melissa can now give Jack Forton the thrashing he deserves

Injured during her duel with Jack, Melissa goes with Nine and her maid Yona to the Elizabeth mansion in order to meet and get help from Yuri herself. After saving Yuri from bandits and being asleep for four days straight, Melissa learns that the twisted fourth suitor, Peacock, is harassing Yuri from the Elizabeth mansion’s front yard. To send him away, Melissa defeats Peacock in a quiz duel. Thankful to Melissa, Yuri gives her a medicine to restore Nine’s fangs and tongue.

As a rabbit, Jake becomes the prey for the first time in his life!

Melissa decides to teach each of the four narcissistic suitors a lesson. At a summer festival, she beats Ian at every game stall and verbally threatens his position as Crown Prince. At a royal hunting competition, Melissa transforms Jake into a rabbit (with help from Yuri) and hunts him, giving him an idea of how Yuri feels when she is stalked by him. When Yuri is kidnapped by Migen, Nine’s sadistic twin brother, Melissa and her friends save her. Afterwards, she intimidates Migen (and Jack!) into peaceful compliance.

Unbeknownst to Melissa, someone is not happy that the story is being derailed…

Main Characters

Melissa Podebrat, the eldest daughter of the Podebrat family and a former Korean college student. Independent-minded, quick-tempered, responsible, sardonic and stubborn, she is fiercely determined to not let anyone dictate her life. Hilariously, Melissa has trouble keeping a straight face when she is angry, disgusted or fantasizing about hurting those she dislikes. While she prefers to live a quiet, carefree life, she is also very loyal to her friends and will hurt those who threaten them. To keep her sullen brother Jake at a distance, Melissa retains a dog, Liev, and a horse, Black Devil. She is a talented swordswoman but is almost unable to use magic. Melissa also carries a powerful magic sword that once belonged to the Basilios royal family.

If she’s angry, she’ll LET YOU KNOW!

Yuri Elizabeth, the adopted daughter of the Elizabeth family. Bright, energetic and wise, this beautiful wizard sees Melissa her only real friend. She also considers Nine her rival for Melissa’s attention. Yuri has apparently lived the events of The Man I Love countless times under the watch of a mysterious entity who ensures that she follows the “script”. Frustrated with her narcissistic “suitors” and the endless cycle of clichés, Yuri is invigorated by Melissa’s defiance of fate and quietly defies her overseer.

Someone wants to make sure that the story never changes

Nine Forton, Melissa’s personal butler and a werewolf. Gentle, polite, shy and studious, he is completely loyal to and in love with Melissa. As a child, Nine was constantly bullied by his brother Migen and the rest of the Forton clan for his utter lack of talent in fighting and sorcery. Years later, Nine saved the life of a girl who wandered into the clan’s forest. For this, the clan had his fangs and his tongue cut out and banished him. Meant to die a beggar in The Man I Love, Nine was spared this cruel fate when he was taken in by Melissa, who eventually got Yuri to restore his fangs and his tongue. Like all Forton werewolves, Nine can take on the form of a wolf.

Nine blushes easily when his mistress gets close

Yona Whitefall, Melissa’s maid and the daughter of a fallen marquis. Clever, cynical, greedy, quiet and unflappable, she calmly weathers her mistress’ bad attitude and temper. Despite this, there is almost nothing Yona won’t do for money and she has gone along with Melissa’s zany schemes for very hefty raises! Having had a noble education, Yona is knowledgeable in the ways of the Imperial aristocracy.

Personal Thoughts

Thrust into a clichéd story dominated by narcissists and male chauvinism, the quick-tempered Melissa refuses to follow the role of a submissive lady dictated to her by her family and her peers. Instead, she takes a stand for her right to live her life as she pleases and will not hesitate to make her point aggressively if she has to. Melissa has no desire for meaningless love and will not tolerate unjust treatment for any reason. She has the strength to move forward and back herself up without help from others. In doing so, she also becomes a source of inspiration to others similarly dissatisfied with their lives.

Swear words aside, this is Melissa’s motto in life!

This story reminds me of how those with narcissistic partners have to learn to stand up for themselves. Narcissists are people who desire to be seen as perfect in society, but their fragile egos and lack of empathy for others make them terrifying to those close to them. In private, narcissists are control freaks who see no one as their equal and become enraged when they are criticized for any reason, justly or otherwise. Since narcissists are unlikely to relate to others, the best way to deal with them is to ignore them and not depend on them.

Partners of narcissists often have to learn how to be strong and independent so that they won’t be at the mercy of said narcissists. This usually involves getting the ability to make money for themselves, since money is a favorite tool of narcissists to control others. It’s difficult to get out of the shadows of narcissists who would love to see the world revolve around them, but the rewards are very likely to be worth it. Former victims might even find strength and talents within them that they never knew about before!


The life you have belongs only to you.

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