The Wrong Way to Use Healing Magic

Spoiler Alert! It’s practically raining cats and dogs today! And you without your umbrella! Man, if this was a fantasy world, you’d use magic to stay dry. *sigh* Life is getting so boring… “Eeek! It’s the Vice President Kazuki and President Suzune!” Hmm? Ah, Kazuki Ryusen. The perfect, handsome guy in the same class asContinue reading “The Wrong Way to Use Healing Magic”

The King of Fantasy

Spoiler Alert! It’s almost over… This filth Orochi thinks he can kill all of humanity? Hmph! “I won’t be defeated by the likes of you,” says Orochi with calm contempt. Its eyes then stare directly into yours, as if piercing your very soul. “Kill Kusanagi and Yata…” What?! “…and smash the three sacred treasures, myContinue reading “The King of Fantasy”

The Faraway Paladin

Spoiler Alert! “Mary? Blood…?” Two people whom you consider your family have just collapsed, as though the strength in their legs simply vanished. “Looks like it didn’t work out after all,” Blood says with tired resignation. “We refused to give our souls to the Goddess of Undeath as we promised 200 years ago,” added Mary.Continue reading “The Faraway Paladin”

Loner Life in Another World

Spoiler Alert! You’re a loner, plain and simple. Most of your classmates play and talk with each other during break, but you’d rather enjoy a good book alone. Just like now. Many of your classmates have formed cliques such as the athletes and the honor students. You’d rather not have anything to do with them,Continue reading “Loner Life in Another World”

Uproar from Reincarnation on Another World

Spoiler Alert! “It’s so sweeeet!”, everyone says. Ah ha! It worked! You’ll have to thank Masaharu for memorizing the method of making sugar from sugar beets! “Sugar from squeezing and boiling worthless potatoes? You’re amazing, Baldr!” You proudly place your hands on your hips. Sugar cane and honey are rare on this continent, so fruitContinue reading “Uproar from Reincarnation on Another World”