I Am My Wife

Spoiler Alert!


*glug* *glug* *glug*

You’ve had a crush on Jin Jing since high school and now she’s getting married…to another man.

If only you confessed to her back then…

If only you became a better person in school instead of ending up with a dead-end desk job…

But…what is past will always be past.

Just like this shopping street.

It’s been a part of your life for as long as you can remember and now it’s due for demolition.

Not even memories will remain…



Those clouds look pretty dark. Better get home now.

You pick yourself up from the bench.


The deafening thunderclap fills your ears and leaves them in seconds!

Did it come from behind you?

You turn around.


Another thunderclap snaps you out of your shock.




After what seems like an eternity, you open your eyes.


The shopping street looks…brand new?

You walk up to the front window of the Little Bear restaurant.


Who’s this?

Wait…this is…YOU?

You’re a…girl?!

You catch a glimpse of a digital street clock. It’s the year 200X.

Ten years ago? You’re in the past?!

What’s going on?!?

“Wen Wen, what are you doing here spacing out?”

Who is she?

“A…are you talking to me?”, you ask.

“Is something wrong, dear? Anyway, let’s go home now!”


THIS…is your home?! But there wasn’t anything here before!

A butler marches out the front door and bows in front of you.

“Welcome home, madame! Welcome home, young miss!”

Madame? Young miss?

A moment later, four teenage girls in maid uniforms also come out the front door and bow.

Are you the daughter of some rich family or something? The woman who found you is your mother?

“Please take our bags out of the trunk and take them to our rooms,” your…mother says.

“Very well, madame,” the butler replies.

The inside of this house is like the villa of a CEO or high-ranking politician.

And your room is so spacious!

*knock* *knock*

A maid enters your room.


You try to close the door, but the maid stops you.

“Shall I help you change your clothes?”


No, wait!

“N-n-n-no! I’m fine!”


She closes the door.

Did she look…disappointed? What kind of relationship do you have with the maids here? Don’t they need to go to school?

You open the closet. It’s full of girls’ clothes.

You pick up what looks like a school shirt.


WENLAN ACADEMY?! But…that’s your high school!

I Am My Wife (我是我妻, Wǒ shì wǒ qī) is a web novel and a web comic written by Troubled Silver Lady (乱世银娘, Luàn shì yín niáng).

Depressed and drunk after watching his high school crush, Jin Jing, marry another man, the 26-year old office worker Qiu Yi is struck by lightning. Upon opening his eyes again, he finds himself in the body of a 16-year old girl ten years in the past! Qiu Yi soon learns that he is now Ye Wen, the daughter of a wealthy couple and a new student at the Wenlan Academy (文澜学院, Wénlán Xuéyuàn), his former high school. At the Academy, Ye Wen realizes that she is now a student in her former self’s first-year high school class, where she meets many familiar faces from her previous life, including, to her shocked disbelief, a 16-year old Qiu Yi!

Busy with living her new life, Ye Wen fails to notice Qiu Yi’s growing crush on her. In the meantime, she happily spends her days with old and new friends. One day, Ye Wen is kidnapped and held for ransom by a gang of thugs. Witnessing the kidnapping and hoping to impress Ye Wen, Qiu Yi attempts to rescue her but gets caught. Despite this, Ye Wen is impressed by her former self’s newfound boldness. Eventually, the police free the two students.

Life at the Academy continues as usual, with Ye Wen and Qiu Yi in a budding relationship. Despite being worried over being in a relationship with literally herself, Ye Wen tries to give Qiu Yi the love and motivation to succeed that she never had as a man. After the kidnapping incident, Ye Wen and Qiu Yi’s parents have befriended each other. The four of them eventually decide to go together on a five-day trip to Japan. Later, their plane crashes in the South Pacific Ocean with no survivors…

Mourning her parents from both her old and new lives, Ye Wen is left nearly penniless by squabbling relatives. After moving into a cheap apartment with a single loyal maid, she gets into e-sports (competitive video gaming) to eventually earn money for herself. Her relationship with Qiu Yi continues to grow as they go on a date, study together and seek comfort in each other. A new school year at the Wenlan Academy soon begins.

Main Characters

Ye Wen (叶雯, Yè Wén), a high school student, the daughter of a wealthy family and a former office worker. Calm, helpful and understanding, she retains the experience of an older man disappointed with his life and is now resolved to live without regrets. With her knowledge of things to come over the next decade, Ye Wen now acts to make life better for herself and her friends. She is also determined to give Qiu Yi the confidence and happiness she never had as him, though she sometimes worries over the prospect of eventually becoming his wife!

Qiu Yi (秋易, Qiū Yì), a high school student and Ye Wen’s previous self. Cautious and introverted, he often lacked confidence in himself. After he falls in love with Ye Wen, he gradually asserts himself and becomes determined to improve himself to impress her, such as studying harder and taking more duties at school.

Jin Jing (金晶, Jīn Jīng), a high school student and Qiu Yi’s former crush. Confident and graceful, she is one of the most popular girls at Wenlan Academy. Now having never been Qiu Yi’s crush, she is one of Ye Wen’s friends.

Feng Yulan (风羽蓝, Fēng Yǔlán), a high school student. Gentle and sensitive, he often gets teased for his feminine appearance. Yulan’s complex over his appearance and “girly” habits reaches a high point when his friend Jin Jiahui dares him to dress like a girl. After doing so during the Academy’s annual sports day, he is harassed mercilessly by some of the Academy’s bullies. After several weeks of being angry with himself and harming himself for being “girly”, Yulan is helped by Ye Wen when she lures one of the bullies into the path of a known violent criminal, whose arrest on television she remembered from her previous life. Yulan also becomes closer to Jiahui, who wants to accept him as he is.

Jin Jiahui (金家辉, Jīn Jiāhuī), a high school student. Bold and resolute, yet easygoing, he is someone who does not hesitate to get his point across. A childhood friend of Feng Yulan, Jiahui becomes curiously attracted to him after seeing him dressed as a girl. After learning about Yulan’s harassment, Jiahui becomes even more determined to protect his friend. Only time will tell how this relationship will develop…

Personal Thoughts

An interesting story of hope, love and regret. Filled with regret over lost happiness and opportunities, Ye Wen uses the hard-earned lessons of her former life to improve her new one. Since she understands Qiu Yi better than anyone else, she tries to fill the void in his life by becoming the inspiration she never had. After they start a relationship, their growing mutual love inspires both of them to do better for each other. Some might even think of this as a kind of incest despite them being no longer the same person! So far, there’s also a side story of a teenage boy with a feminine appearance and habits having a crisis about his sexual identity who gradually learns to accept himself as he is with the help of his friends.

In life, we all make decisions that we might end up regretting later in life and long to undo. None of us will get the opportunity that Ye Wen got, but we can make better decisions and actions based on what we learned from our mistakes. There are people in the world who end up in an abusive relationship because their spouse looked perfect at first glance. With their hard-earned experience, these people could learn to stand up for themselves and take a more careful look at potential future relationships for themselves and others. Students who regret not studying hard earlier in life could do so in future education. Mistakes and regrets cannot be undone, but that doesn’t mean we can’t make things better for our futures.

Love can inspire us to do better for ourselves for the sake of those we care for, but not everyone can find it and it rarely plays out smoothly. Between close friends, families and partners, love can bring emotional support unlike anything else in this world, especially if we appreciate such love and return it with our contributions of happiness. Still, not even a love as close as Ye Wen and Qiu Yi’s is perfect as both have the capacity for jealousy and sadness.

Life itself is never as “perfect” as one would like, so the best we can do is work with what we have and make the best of it.


We all have regrets, but we also have the choice to make things better for ourselves and be happy.

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