2nd Anniversary of Isekai Eye

Happy 2022 and Best Wishes for the New Year!

Two years have come and gone since the beginning. It’s scary how time has flown!

Once again, I have received a grand total of one comment over the last year, specifically for my post on Magic Knight Rayearth! And again, I encourage you to leave your comments on my posts and any suggestions you may have for improvements. Don’t be shy!

The total number of views on Isekai Eye for 2021 has grown ten times compared to 2020. Thank you for your continued interest in isekai stories!

As for my current thoughts about writing, I found that it is much easier to read than write. When writing a blog post, I have to convey the more exciting points of a story and condense it into a summary. You only need a few minutes to read a blog post instead of the few hours you’d need to read and understand the story itself.

I respect the stories’ authors because their inspiration, knowledge and focus basically allowed them to create something out of literally nothing! Putting words together to convey an environment and a story isn’t as easy as it sounds. Conflict is also necessary to make a story exciting enough to capture your attention, so authors have to devise enemies, challenges and such to test the main characters.

In I Became the Villain’s Mother, a loving stepmother infuses cold-hearted family with emotion and love

One of my most popular posts so far is on the story I Became the Villain’s Mother. To me, it’s an example of how love and care from a parent allows children to flourish and grow. While many take this affection for granted, the reality is that not every child gets to experience it. Orphans and children with abusive or neglectful parents may go through some of the worst hardships in life. Being a loving parent is never easy, as he or she must devote time and care in looking after their child.

The Great Jahy Will Not Be Defeated! And that’s a promise!

The most interesting story I’ve seen in 2021 is The Great Jahy Will Not Be Defeated!, the post of which I wrote less then two weeks ago! Once a powerful demon, Jahy is now stranded in modern-day Japan where she struggles to earn a living and find the mana crystals she’ll need to restore the Dark Realm she once lorded over. With nothing but her ambition and sheer perseverance to drive her, Jahy’s progress is slow but sure. She is an example of why perseverance is necessary for us to survive and succeed. After all, preparing and writing a post on this blog takes me longer than a day!

Writing for Isekai Eye allows me to devote myself to a purpose and make productive use of my free time. Every blog post that I publish is an accomplishment.

Every time I write a blog post about an isekai story, I almost feel like I’m having the adventure as well. Through this, I can almost feel the emotions of the characters including their frustrations, their hopes and their concern for friends. It’s also fun to find life lessons behind these stories and I hope that you can learn something from these as well.

Thank you for your support and my blessings to you for the new year!

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