Goddess Creation System

Spoiler Alert!

“I must have been blind to date you from the start! Let’s break up!”

Your ex-boyfriend’s last words still ring in your mind now and then.

That’s why, for the last year or so, you’ve been playing an MMORPG where you can be as beautiful as you want!

Your avatar Xi’er has even been nicknamed “Goddess” by the other players.

Today, you decided to meet Ziye online again.

“It pains me to see you only in the game,” he says with a gentle smile. “We should meet offline tomorrow.”

Alarmed, you say, “No! I look different in real life!”

“So do I! Besides, we shouldn’t judge people by appearance alone. We should look for beauty inside too. No matter how you look, I’ll love you!”

“You…mean it?”

“I do.”

“Hi! So…you’re Xi’er?”

“Y-Yes,” you stammer.

“It’s just that…this is kind of a shock to me!”, he says with a nervous chuckle.

“Well, you’re not as handsome as I thought either!”

You spend the day going on a date with “Ziye”. It doesn’t matter that he’s this different from his online avatar. For the first time in a long while, you feel love again.

And he loves you.

Late that night, you lead him to a small hostel where he can spend the night.

As you turn to leave, a hand clutches your arm. You hear Ziye say, “Wait, don’t go home just yet…”

Is…is this it?

Have you found…happiness?


Sitting up and rubbing your eyes, you look around but couldn’t find Ziye.

You pick up your smartphone and check your messages.

Hmm? There’s a notification from your MMORPG.

What’s wro…


No, noo, no, no, no…how…why…

Your dreams…your…life…


No life…to…live…

Maybe in another life…you can be a real goddess…

Darkness fills your sight and the bliss of…oblivion…takes you.

W-what’s this?!

“In this game, you can become a real goddess by conquering the hearts of men!”, the fairy explains without pause.

“To aid you, our server provides the best professional services. We have a gym complete with various equipment and fitness programs! At our spa, you can enjoy quality beauty treatments! Our library will grant you the treasure of knowledge!”

“And last, but not least, we have an online shop to provide for all your needs, from lipsticks and medicine to the most expensive of dresses and magic items! Of course, most of our services aren’t free! Our currency is Charm Points!”

“To earn Charm Points, you must win the desire of men and the envy of women. The more attractive you are, the more Charm Points you earn and can spend at our server! Now let’s begin the game!”

Seconds later, you feel yourself wake up from a deep sleep. What a dream!

Sitting up and rubbing your eyes, you…

Wait, where ARE you?

Goddess Creation System (女神制造系统, Nǚshén zhìzào xìtǒng) is an online manhwa written by Sanfu Anime (三福动漫, Sānfú dòngmàn).

Dumped by her boyfriend in high school, the shy Xia Xi spends her free time playing an MMORPG where her avatar could be as beautiful as she wants. Eventually, she meets a male game player offline and spends a single night with him. The next morning, Xia Xi learns to her horror that the player had posted her true identity on the internet, destroying her online reputation in a single night. Her dreams of marriage shattered, Xia Xi slashes her wrist. As her life ebbs away, she sees a vision in which a fairy introduces her to the computer game Goddess Creation System.

After the vision ends, Xia Xi awakens in another world where she quickly learns that she is a maid to the wealthy, influential Huangfu family. One thing leads to another and the family head, General Fumu, has her beaten to death for speaking out against her master. After the game restarts and she is resurrected, Xia Xi is disillusioned by the cruelty of her new world and vows to live for only herself. The fairy, Bao Bao, gives Xia Xi her first game mission: win the love of General Mu’s second son, Mingluang. Moreover, she must do so within one year or her soul will be obliterated!

Xiaxi places all the chess pieces in their correct positions after “accidentally” spilling tea on the board

Xia Xi first comes to Mingluang’s attention by serving him tea and taking interest in chess. Over the next few months, Mingluang grows to trust Xia Xi and eventually becomes troubled when his older brother, Mingyi, asks for Xia Xi as his maid. Faced with the prospect of losing his favorite maid, Mingluang focuses on his military studies, hoping to become strong enough to keep Xia Xi for himself. Realizing that he would be heartbroken if Xia Xi is taken from him, Mingluang falls in love with her. Bao Bao then tells Xia Xi to win Mingyi’s love for her next mission.

“You may take my body, but you’ll never have my heart!”

Xia Xi becomes one of Mingyi’s maids while maintaining outward loyalty to Mingluang. After fending off attempts by his wife and his concubines to harm his newest maid, Mingyi declares his intention to make Xia Xi one of his concubines. One night, Xia Xi says she will sleep with Mingyi if he grants her freedom in exchange. Having wanted for nothing since childhood, Mingyi finally faces the idea of NOT getting what he wants. Seeing the growing rivalry between his sons, General Fumu quietly arranges Xia Xi to be drowned in a nearby river. Using this as a chance to escape the Huangfu household, Xia Xi pretends to drown by choice, secretly swims to shore, and faints. When Mingyi learns of Xia Xi’s disappearance, he finally realizes that he had lost something truly precious and falls in love with her.

In a dream, Xia Xi is told by Bao Bao that she will need ten million Charm Points to exit the game! She explains that one way to gain points quickly is to win the love of a king, which is worth a million Charm Points. With this, Bao Bao gives the exasperated Xia Xi her next mission: win the love of Jin, Crown Prince of the Xia Kingdom.

The end of one life and the beginning of another.

As she finally awakens, Xia Xi meets the eyes of a young man who introduces himself as the Crown Prince…

Xia Xi’s romantic conquests and adventures throughout the world will continue!

Main Characters

Xia Xi (夏曦, Xià Xī), a beautiful wandering maiden and player of Goddess Creation System. After realizing that she was alone in a cutthroat world where men decide the fate of women, Xia Xi quickly became cunning, determined, independent, and manipulative to survive. Having been betrayed before, Xia Xi never opens her heart to anyone despite ironically trying to earn the love of others. In a dangerous game of romantic intrigue, Xia Xi gradually makes herself indispensable to powerful men to win their trust and eventually their love, but always keeps her distance. By doing this, she encourages these proud and, often, selfish men to become gentler and wiser. Xia Xi can access the Goddess Creation System server five hours per day, allowing her to make use of its services to purchase items and improve herself. As a result, she is now quite athletic and knowledgeable about various courtly topics, including history, cooking, occult, music, and dance. Later, she is able to use magic with her vital energy, or qi (氣)

Playing a zither and singing “A Swaying Jade Cloud”

Bao Bao (包包, Bāo Bāo), a fairy NPC of Goddess Creation System. Cheerful and helpful, yet playfully evasive, she acts as Xia Xi’s guide in the game. While Bao Bao provides hints, advice, and access to the game server, she also claims that Xia Xi cannot leave the game unless she earns enough Charm Points. Only time will tell if this fairy is a friend or a foe.

Is this considered cheating?

Personal Thoughts

This fascinating story reminds me of the Chinese TV dramas where noblewomen engage in political and romantic intrigue to overtake their rivals and win the favor of powerful men. While some of these women want power from association with men in high positions, others merely wish to survive the intrigue and live quietly or escape this cutthroat life. Even here, there are people who truly love each other, but others with vested interests usually complicate or derail such romances.

Love is a very complicated subject for everyone. We all instinctively have long mental lists of what to look for in a partner, with traits such as physical attractiveness, wealth, and personality as the most common. Disappointment becomes all too easy to find! Some people search and wait for years looking for their ideal partner. Some work to improve themselves to gain the attention of their wanted partner, such as exercising to improve their figure and learning about the partner’s goals and interests. Some even use romance as a means to an end, such as gaining power or satisfying their lust. Long-term partners may even learn issues about each other that they find unpleasant, putting their relationships in doubt.

One can find love even in a desert!

While unconditional love for another is a wonderful thing that we all deserve to feel, it rarely, if ever, goes smoothly. For better or worse, people are generally selfish. Some take advantage of others’ love for their own ends while others won’t reciprocate love unless something is done for them. Even love itself can be selfish if it is one-sided! The best we can do is be mindful of the feelings of our loved ones and help them with their problems. You would also need the strength to give up on love if it doesn’t work out or if it seriously hinders your own life. Love involves caring for people, especially for your family. Receiving love and care from someone is wonderful, but giving it is harder and more worthwhile!

In the end, love is a bond and a commitment that involves being there for your loved ones. There will be pitfalls and you’ll have to be careful about who to trust, but you can find true love with determination and some luck!


True love is complex, but it’s worthwhile if you can find it!

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