I Became the Villain’s Mother

Spoiler Alert!


Looks like you fell asleep while reading your favorite novel again. The story escalated quickly when Prince Lucas and Ainspener started fighting over Elisha!


Whose bed is this? It’s so big and fancy!

Wait! Where ARE you?


You look at your hands and your clothes. They aren’t yours!

Seriously, what happened?!

You see an elegant dressing table with a mirror in one corner of the room and dash towards it.



You know this face, but…you’ve seen it in the pictures of your novel!

Duchess Roselia Chaid!

The wicked stepmother of Ainspener Chaid, the novel’s villain, and the wife of Duke Cassius Chaid, the terror of the Empire!

How did this happen?!?

The last thing you remember was reading a novel in bed after another busy day at the children’s daycare center you work at.

You’ve read many stories about people waking up in another world, but…

Hold on! Alright, calm down now…

There’s a much bigger problem right now…


A boy’s voice? Who…


Wait, you know him!

This is Ainspener Chaid himself! The ultimate villain!

The reason why he became such was that Roselia (that’s you!) abused him at every opportunity, from harassing him with dogs to humiliating him publicly at social events.

Was she crazy?!

Abuse this little angel?!

What’s worse is that Ain would eventually murder Roselia, according to the novel.

There’s only one thing to do…

Raise him with love and affection, thereby preventing him from becoming a villain!

You give your warmest smile.

He gives you a slightly bewildered stare.

Did you do something wrong?

As a daycare teacher, you know it’s important for the adult to make the first move.

“Ain, shall we have breakfast together?”, you ask.


“Of course!”

Yes, family should spend time together and get to know each other better!

This is awful.

Why didn’t he say anything about his allergy to peaches?

He…he probably thinks you fed him peaches on purpose during yesterday’s breakfast!

“Why…why did you eat them?”

“I’m sorry…”

It’s like your good intentions have somehow turned into abuse!

You feel tears welling up in your eyes. Despite being allergic to peaches, the boy still ate them because he didn’t want to upset you!

“It won’t happen again, Ain.”, you sob.

“No, no! You’ve done nothing wrong, mother!”

You have to make sure it never happens again…

You will protect him!

I Became the Villain’s Mother (악당의 엄마가 되어버렸다, Agdang-ui Eommaga Doeeobeolyeossda) is a web novel and web comic written by Yulji (율지).

After falling asleep while reading her favorite novel, the 28-year old daycare teacher Haena Seo wakes up as Duchess Roselia Chaid, the abusive stepmother of Ainspener Chaid, the main villain of said novel. Upon seeing Ain as a child, the new Roselia’s motherly instincts overtake her and she resolves to give Ain the happy childhood he never had in the novel. She does this by talking to him daily, accompanying him at mealtimes, playing with him and occasionally taking him on outings. When Roselia learns that Ain takes minute doses of poison as part of his “training”, she becomes angry and rebukes her husband, Duke Cassius Chaid, and the household staff for such cruelty to a child.

She cannot make up her mind because her stepson would look cute in all those outfits!

Intrigued by his once-indifferent stepmother’s change of heart, the cold-hearted Ain now plays the part of an innocent, cheerful child whenever he is with her. At the same time, Cassius also feels the curious desire for the affection his wife gives to his son. Although Roselia is keen on spending every moment she has on Ain, she is much more hesitant to do so with Cassius, whom she sees as cruel and dominating man. Over time, Cassius learns to consider the feelings of his family and opens up to them, which is quite a feat since he had been taught to never show weakness since childhood. For her part, Roselia eventually realizes that her attitude towards Cassius is quite selfish and she learns to see her husband as a person instead of a story villain. Cassius and Ain, once distant to each other, develop a peculiar rivalry of sorts as they both compete for Roselia’s affection.

Unknown to Roselia, the Chaids are a family of assassins who have the secret duty of maintaining their Emperor’s rule by any means necessary. Among the Chaid family’s many enemies are a group of nobles, led by Premier Julien, who hope to usurp power from the Emperor himself. With Roselia warming the hearts of her once-distant husband and stepson, only time will tell what the future has in store for the Chaids.

Main Characters

Duchess Roselia Chaid, formerly Haena Seo (서해나, Seo Haena), Ainspener’s stepmother, Cassius’ second wife and a former daycare teacher. Compassionate, dedicated, kind and warm, she is devoted to giving Ainspener Chaid the happy childhood he never had in the original novel’s story. While the original Roselia was an ambitious socialite and an abusive stepmother to Ain, the current Roselia prefers a quiet life of doting on Ain, protecting him and caring for her family. However, she is naïve about the darker side of her stepson’s personality, having only seen the kind-hearted boy he presents himself as to her. Roselia gets uncomfortable with the affairs of state her husband deals with and tends to get bored when gossiping with other noble ladies. Many familiar with Roselia’s past behavior are bewildered by her now-caring attitude, but have gotten accustomed to it as time goes by.

She will never back down from protecting Ain. Never.

Ainspener Chaid, the young heir of the Chaid family. Cold-hearted, quiet, shrewd and a bit paranoid, he has been taught all his life to fight any and all weaknesses, as is the tradition of every child born to the Chaid family. Ain is gradually touched by Roselia’s love and becomes afraid whenever it appears to be directed elsewhere. As part of his noble education, Ain is familiar with economics, politics and courtly etiquette. He is a competent swordsman and is skilled in the ways of stealth. As part of his family training, he takes regular minute doses of poison to build up a natural immunity, but he now does this in secret since Roselia has forbidden him from doing so. Despite having an allergy to peaches, he still eats them sometimes in order to eventually overcome said allergy.

Despite his young age, Ain is far from innocent.

Duke Cassius Chaid, patriarch of the Chaid family. Cold-hearted, calculating, proud and ruthless, he is an adult version of his son in many ways. Intrigued by the sudden closeness between his son and his wife, he gradually finds himself wanting such affection as well. While Roselia is put off by Cassius’ intimidating nature at first, the two slowly become close as Cassius opens up to his wife. As a secret enforcer of the Emperor’s will, Cassius is a master assassin and torturer. He is also highly skilled in the use of poison and keeps the Empire’s largest collection of exotic poisons in his basement. Once a year, Cassius suffers inexplicable convulsions for a week. He goes to great lengths to hide this weakness from everyone, but he finally gains Roselia’s trust when she learns about this and looks after him.

Cassius interrogates a spy

Personal Thoughts

Suddenly thrust into an unloving noble family, a passionate daycare teacher now devotes her life to bringing love and care to it. It’s rather touching to see the hard-hearted Chaids, having once seen the entire world as their enemy, gradually open themselves up and find true happiness in caring for someone they love, especially someone who gives them love without expecting anything in return. On the flip side, the Chaids are a family of assassins who have done clandestine deeds for their government for generations. Feared locally and abroad, both father and son both are secretly dissatisfied with being the “villains” but they keep their vulnerabilities within the family.

Fighting back his desire to lash out, Cassius reaches out to his wife.

We all have flaws and weaknesses in body and character but we often hide them in public to maintain a mask of normalcy in polite society and not let others ridicule or take advantage of us. Someone who could accept us for who we truly are, strengths and flaws, is a rare person indeed. Having someone who would unconditionally love you and look out for you is truly wondrous. We usually only find such people in our families and even that’s not a guarantee! Such love should be appreciated and never taken for granted.

A beautiful moment

Affection and care are keys to growing up well as a person, but not everyone in the world can have them. We are all capable of being greedy and selfish, some more so than others! We must also keep in mind that no one is perfect, because all of us have limits. Our beliefs and personalities are dependent on our circumstances, but we all have the choice to become better people through determination. By giving care to others, we can also encourage people to be more selfless as well and understand that a certain kind of happiness can be found in caring for others.


We are only human, so it’s better to give than to receive.

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